ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 4 (66) 2021


The editors assume the obligation to maintain high standards by carrying out stricter expert evaluation under compliance with ethics policy. Every noncompliance with the Code of professional ethics e.g. plagiarism, fraudulent use of data of other people, fictitious claim to copyright is considered by editors to the fullest extent of the rules above without exception.

The Journal conforms to the Code of Conduct of Publication’s Ethics Committee and follows the Committee’s schemas relating to the resolution of alleged misconduct situations.

All articles undergo an unilateral-blind (anonymous) peer review when the editor knows the author’s name but author does not know editor’s name. The anonymous review shall be carried out by three or more editors for each article in the issue.

It is prohibited to submit manuscript previously published in any form, or manuscript that is currently being considered for subsequent publication elsewhere.

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