ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 4 (66) 2021

'Автоматизация процессов управления / Automation of Control Processes' # 4 (22) 2010


Andrey Sergeevich Korsunsky, [e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]A. Korsunsky

Model of Operational Process for Computer-aided System of Radio Intelligence and Radio Countermeasures on Basis of Method of Topological Transformation of Stochastic Networks 22_14.pdf

The article considers aspects of information opposition, namely: radio intelligence and radio countermeasures of radioemission sources. It also considers an approach to a procedures of operation of computer-aided system of radio intelligence and radio countermeasures on basis of a method of topological transformation of stochastic networks.

Method of topological transformation of stochastic networks, radio intelligence, radio-emission source, radio countermeasures.

Nikolaj Grigorevich Parkhomenko, [e-mail: ]N. Parkhomenko,

Pavel Gennadevich Semashko, [e-mail: ] P. Semashko

Potential Characteristics of Semi-active Radar Systems With Outside Illumination 22_15.pdf

The article considers features of semi-active radar systems using electromagnetic fields to illuminate targets, which are created by different-purpose radio-transmitters. It determines general requirements for sources of illumination signals and gives advantages of ground-based transmitters of digital TV and radio broadcasting.

Semi-active radar, illumination signal, uncertainty function, detection and resolution characteristics.


Elena Igorevich Belikova, [e-mail: ]E. Belikova

Modeling of Transient Processes of Mechanical Systems 22_1.pdf

The article deals with the development of a programme on basis of the results of the work [1] in the software environment C++ Builider 6.0 using a library of the mathematical system MatLab 6.5. It enables to automate a task of putting the systems in a given software motion within an end time-period as well as modeling of transient processes for mechanical systems of one-, two- or three degrees of freedom.

Mechanical system, control, computer systems of mathematical calculations.

Daria Yuryevna Motorina, [e-mail: ]D. Motorina

Synthesis of Control for Mechanical Systems With Unknown Inertia Matrix Taking Into Account Delay in Feedback Structure 22_2.pdf

The article is devoted to tracking-task solution for mechanical systems with unknown inertia matrix and variable delay in feedback system. It justifies a continuous law of control with saturation, gives an algorithm for control-parameter finding. The applied approach is based on the use of Lyapunov vector-function with vector-norm components. This method allows the estimation of the maximum value of delay in the system and domain of initial displacements from a trajectory being tracked. A two-link manipulator on a mobile base is given as an example in the article.

Tracking task, delayed control, mechanical system with unknown inertia matrix, lyapunov vector-function.

Victor Veniaminovich Mityukov, [e-mail: ]V. Mityukov,

Ivan Valerevich Izvolskij, [e-mail: ] I. Izvolsky

A Procedure of Transformation of Coordinates When Modeling of Solid Movement 22_3.pdf

The article offers a conversion of vector quantities between different coordinate systems. That allows reproducing a modeling process for the movement of an undeformed solid for any vehicle in the projections to an arbitrary coordinate system.

Flight modeling, coordinate system, aircraft, force vector, inertial system, solid movement.

Igor Viktorovich Lutoshkin, [e-mail: ]I. Lutoshkin,

Aleksandra Ivanovna Tonkikh, [e-mail: ] A. Tonkikh

Parameterization Method for Modeling of Controlled Systems With Point Delay 22_4.pdf

The article deals with the development of a method for solution of controlled extreme problems containing differential equations with constant delay, generalization of a parameterization method (a numerical method for solution of optimization variational problems) for a class of tasks with constant delay log. At that, delay can be both in phase and control variables. Due to the parameterization method, an applied model of control with different delay lags is analyzed.

Optimization delay problems, parameterization method for delay tasks, controlled models of economic growth with point delay.

Pavel Valerevich Popov, [e-mail: ]P. Popov

A Control Method for Elements of Sophisticated Organizational and Technical Systems 22_5.pdf

The article gives a new science method whose aim is to ensure effective operation of elements of sophisticated organizational and technical systems which have their mathematical interpretation (model). The given method ensures an adaptation of elements of sophisticated organizational and technical systems to developing conditions at different stages of operation due to achieved quality state given by criteria by means of implementation of rational aggregate of actions defined on basis of known methods of search optimization.

Control, elements of sophisticated organizational and technical systems, effectiveness function, effectiveness index, criterion values, compliance point, optimization, control actions, controlled parameters, risk factors.

Kirill Igorevich Ilyin, [e-mail: ]K. Ilyin,

Viacheslav Viktorovich Svetukhin, [e-mail: ] V. Svetukhin,

Viktor Dmitrievich Kizin, [e-mail: ] V. Kizin

An Algorithm for Generation of List of Nuclear and Radiation Dangerous Emergency Situation During Analysis of Risk At Sites of Nuclear-fuel Cycle 22_6.pdf

The present article is devoted to research in process of generation of list of emergency-situation initial conditions, which is used to justify safety of sites of nuclear-fuel cycle. It gives an algorithm allowing to unify a process of definition of initial conditions of probable emergency situations at sites of nuclear-fuel cycle, to be necessary for consideration.This algorithm takes into account the following characteristics of the considered sites: site type (storage site, hot chamber etc.); aggregate state of nuclear materials and radioactive substances used or stored at sites; work technology taking into consideration equipment quality and staff skills.

Risk assessment, nuclear and radiation safety, sites of nuclear-fuel cycle, initial conditions, emergency situations.


Oleg Nikolaevich Kudelin , [e-mail: ]O. Kudelin,

Evgenii Serafimovich Kukin, [e-mail: ] E. Kukin,

Svetlana Valerevna Lipatova, [e-mail: ] S. Lipatova,

Aleksei Arkadevich Smagin, [e-mail: ] A. Smagin

A Tool for Creation of Expert Systems 22_11.pdf

The article describes an unified system which allows creating an expert system without programmers, directly by experts who specialize in a narrow area of knowledge.

Design of computer-aided control system, expert systems, artificial intelligence.

Nadezhda Glebovna Yarushkina, [e-mail:]N. Yarushkina,

Aleksandra Valerevna Chekina[e-mail:] A. Chekina

Clustering of Information Resources on Basis of Genetic Algorithm 22_12.pdf

The article offers a solution method for the task of clustering of electronic information resources on basis of genetic algorithm. All the documents from project repository are described by frequency distributions of met terms. Input data are presented by genetic-algorithm structures.

Informational resource, clustering, indexing, genetic algorithm, crossover, suitability function.

Ivetta Vyacheslavovna Arzamastseva, [e-mail: ]I. Arzamastceva

Indexing of Documents in Cad-systems on Basis of Dictionary-tesaurus 22_13.pdf

The article gives an overview of main European systems of indexing, considers creation of automatic thesaurus of terminology systems and its use in CAD-systems for indexing of documents, construction of hierarchical tree of frames to set the dictionary to a narrow data domain.

Term system, indexing, dictionary-thesaurus, cad-system, identification of data domain of documents.


Aleksej Nikolaevich Karpushin, [e-mail: ]A. Karpushin,

Sergei Nikolaevich Larin, [e-mail: ] S. Larin,

Petr Ivanovich Sosnin, [e-mail: ] P. Sosnin

A System of Tools for Aspect-oriented Design of Work-flow Systems for Design and Production Engineering of Pilot Instrument Making 22_7.pdf

The article gives and describes a system of tools for aspect-oriented design of work flows of design and production engineering of pilot production. The important advantage of the developed system of tools is a computer-aided process of development of design documentation, plan tasks and interchange of information (instructions, reference and report documents) among design, engineering services and flexible production complexes. At present, the developed system of tools of pseudo-code programming of interface prototypes has passed tests and proves its operability in real productionprocess mode.

Pseudo-code programming, interface prototype, dynamic compilation.

Anatoly Alexanderovich Kupriyanov, [e-mail:]A. Kupriyanov,

Anatoly Stepanovich Melnichenko,[e-mail:] A. Melnichenko

About an Approach to Accumulation and Use of Templates in Design and Development of Computer-aided Systems 22_8.pdf

The article deals with theoretical, practical and organizational aspects of development, accumulation, storage and use of templates and patterns in processes of design and development of computer-aided systems.

Architecture, virtual organization, infrastructure, homogeneous space, pattern, project, service, template.

Aleksandr Fedorovich Pokhilko, [e-mail: ]A. Pokhilko

Formal System of Fixation and Generalization of Design-activity Processes 22_9.pdf

The article states the basic of formal system which is the base for the implementation of efficient methods of fixation, generalization and reuse of information received by working groups in processes of work on projects of different domains of application. The formal system consists of three formal theories describing the presentation of design-process samples, design-process classes and a mechanism generating description of design-process classes in information environment.

Integrated environment, design activity, design solution, control, process, automation.

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