ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 4 (66) 2021

'Автоматизация процессов управления / Automation of Control Processes' # 1 (15) 2009


, [e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]G. Tokmakov

Integration of Information Resources: Evolution, Mechanisms and Formal Model 15_1.pdf

The article deals with development of formal model of integration processes to ensure access to heterogeneous information resources of geographically-distributed C2 systems. To develop this formal model the author analyses ways of data integration at different information-technology evolution stages. On basis of generalization of these ways, the article gives data integration mechanism.

Sergey Aleksandrovich Sukhanov[e-mail:]S. Sukhanov,

Viktor Dmitrievich Shilin, [e-mail:] V. Shilin,

Nikolay Petrovich Morozov, [e-mail:] N. Morozov,

Anatoly Alexanderovich Kupriyanov, [e-mail:] A. Kuprianov.

Space Monitoring System As Main Source of Data on Space Situation 15_2.pdf

The article deals with peculiarities of space monitoring system as main source of data on cosmic space in the Russian Federarion. The article presents features of cosmic space from the point of view of probable threats to national security of the Russian Federation as well as content and directivity of dataflow on space situation for authorities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as well as force types. It also deals with problems of information interaction of C2 system for a force type with space monitoring system. The technical solutions on transmission and processing of data on space situation are given. The article identifies issues of information interaction of system computer-aided facilities.

Dmitrii Vladimirovich Kropotin, [e-mail:]D. Kropotin

Reflexive Model of Expert Support Subsystem Within Naval C2 System 15_4.pdf

The article gives some material on analysis of existing problem-solving procedures concerning control optimization. It describes an approach to creation of reflexive model of control processes for complex systems, which is implemented in intelligent artificial system of expert support system The author cites an instance of hybrid, many-model system designed for solution of specific tasks. The article shows general architecture of reflexive model of expert support subsystem within Naval C2 System, describes general technology for implementation of reflexive model of expert support subsystem. The article is intended for specialists engaged in creation of application intelligent systems of military purpose as well as specialists engaged in automation of fleet command and control processes.

Sergei Vladimirovich Lukashov, [e-mail:]S. Lukashov,

Boris Mikhailovich Pechegin, [e-mail:] M. Pechegin

Second Life of Large-scale Computers 15_6.pdf

The article gives some material on analysis of ES 9672-typed computer use opportunities on basis of state-of-the-art web-technologies. It deals with approaches of remote access to databases by means of the ADABAS data manipulation language. It also shows the interface between user and applications, presents architecture of web-service use without interface of dialog-based interaction but using its functions to ensure compatibility with existing applications. The article is intended for specialists engaged in integration of existing computer-aided systems of military authorities which substantially extend their use opportunities.


Vladimir Viktorovich Kalnikov, [e-mail:]V. Kalnikov,

Yury Ivanovich Beresnev, [e-mail:] Y. Beresnev

Simulation Model for Cycle Synchronization System of Digital Data Transmission System 15_10.pdf

The authors justify approaches to creation of simulation model for cycle synchronization system of digital data transmission system. The article cites a simulation model for cycle synchronization system built using the Simulink simulation package of the MATLAB 6.5 system. The authors describe in detail one of the main elements of the simulation model called Error Unit allowing to simulate either singular errors or error bursts of random length.

Nikolay Alexeevich Popov[e-mail:]N. Popov,

Anatolii Ivanovich Pyatakov, [e-mail:] A. Pyatakov

Calculation of Geographical Distribution of Signal Levels on Multihop Radio Paths From Hf-transmitter of Medium Power With Rhomb Antenna 15_11.pdf

The article deals with geographical distribution and configuration of coverage area on single-, two- and more hop ionospheric radio paths from transmitter with given energy parameters and features of transmitting antenna diagram. The results of calculation of electromagnetic field levels from transmitter to Rhomb antenna within the European part of Russia are cited as examples.

Boris Vladimirovich Kruglov, [e-mail:] B. Kruglov

Parallel Numerical Method for Task Solution of Plate Bending 15_12.pdf

The article deals with a parallel variant of variational grid method on basis of Reissner functional. The use of parallel programming allows to speed up modeling and to achieve better result within the same time. The algorithm differs from software packages widely used in the world by application of orthogonal compact functions ensuring paralleling more efficient than Courant functions which are more spead when using finite element method.


Sergei Vladimirovich Lukashov, [e-mail:]S. Lukashov,

Alexander Vladimirovich Shinkarenko, [e-mail:] A. Shinkarenko

Methods of Information Uncertainty Overcoming Within Expert Support System 15_5.pdf

The article presents some material on analysis of existing methods of overcoming of information uncertainty within expert support systems. It deals with solution ways for structured, semistructured and unstructured problems. The article is for specialists engaged in creation of expert systems and knowledge bases for application intelligence systems as well as for specialists engaged in automation of processes of control, generation of decision and decision-making for authorities.

Architecture of ship's system

Yuriy Leonidovich Kornoukhov, [e-mail:] Y. Kornoukhov,

Aleksey Valeryevich Mattis, [e-mail:] A. Mattis

Selection and Selection Reasons for Creation Variant of Integrated System of Motion Control for Vessel and Remotely-controlled Underwater Vehicle 15_13.pdf

The article deals with architecture development for integrated system of motion control implementing functions of control of joint motion of vessel and remotely-controlled underwater vehicle and solution of different tasks of automatic control of motion and positioning.


Liliya Irfanovna Suleymanova, [e-mail:]L. Suleymanova,

Alexander Ivanovich Lyakov, [e-mail:] A. Lyakov

Methods of Short Fail-safety Tests of Devices and Units Within Naval C2 Systems 15_7.pdf

The article summarizes methods of fail-safety test speeding-up using speedup factors intensifying device degradation as well as dicrease of fail-safety factor to be verified using approximation recalculation of test factor for operating time between failures according to value of fault rate within test time.

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