ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 4 (66) 2021

'Автоматизация процессов управления / Automation of Control Processes' # 3 (17) 2009


Aleksei Arkadevich Smagin, [e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]A. Smagin,

Svetlana Valerevna Lipatova, [e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] S. Lipatova,

Petr Ivanovich Smikun, [e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] P. Smikun,

Anatoly Stepanovich Melnichenko, [e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] A. Melnichenko

Procedure for Creation of Special-purpose Soa-based Computer-aided Systems 17_7.pdf

The article deals with a procedure for development of computer-aided SOA-based systems, which results from system approach principles, is characterized by universality, independence from Customer's hardware and software platform and feasible adaptation to subject domain, and ensures quality of computer-aided system software in accordance with user's requirements within a given time period and a pre-calculated estimate.

Service-oriented architecture, procedure, special-purpose computer-aided system, information technology, system life cycle.

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Afanasiev, [e-mail:]A. Afanasyev,

Nikolai Nikolaevich Voyt, [e-mail:] N. Voyt

Development of Methods of Fuzzy Parametric Adaptive Diagnostics of Trained Engineering Specialist 17_8.pdf

The article describes a method of diagnostics of design characteristics (knowledge, ability, skills and competence) of engineering specialist trained using CAD. It also cites a training algorithm using the Gaussian membership function.

Design automatization, engineer training, kohonen's fuzzy maps, adaptive diagnostics.

Aleksandr Ivanovich Moiseev, [e-mail:]A. Afanasyev

Intelligent Environment Presentation on Basis of Soft Computing 17_9.pdf

The article deals with a task of visual presentation of environment data. It brings to light disadvantages of the existing approach to information display. It also gives a procedure of phasing of parameters which characterize interaction of objects within a battlespace, which contributes to higher efficiency of data presentation visualization and decision-making support.

Soft computing, environment, decision-making support system.

Sergey Nikolaevich Nazarov, [e-mail:]S. Nazarov

Evaluation of Characteristics of Hybrid Wireless Data Network Using Methods of Queues Theory 17_10.pdf

The article deals with fundamentals of development of wireless data networks as hybrid networks on basis of standard convergence. It also cites fundamentals of a model which allows evaluating characteristics of hybrid wireless data network.

Wireless networks, standard convergence, mechanism of collision avoidance, method of direct sequence, hybrid function of coordination.

Vasilii Yurievich Osipov, [e-mail:]V. Osipov,

Anatoly Alexanderovich Kupriyanov, [e-mail:] A. Kupriyanov

Principles of Net-centric Approach and Their Applicability for Solution of Force (troop) Control Tasks 17_11.pdf

The article gives basic ideas and principles of network-centric approach. It deals with applicability aspects of these principles during solution of naval force (troop) control tasks and states current problems related to implementation of these principles for the navy.

Network-centric war, network-centric approach, all-arm forces (troops).


Aleksei Arkadevich Smagin, [e-mail:]A. Smagin,

Petr Ivanovich Smikun, [e-mail:]P. Smikun

Modeling of Data Communication Process on Basis of Transmitter and Receiver Synchronization 17_2.pdf

The article gives an account of a principle of data translation via communications channels, which implements an idea of compression and simultaneous jam-immunity achievement. It defines a probability of conditions when the effect is achievable.

Matrix and rank encoding, jam-immunity, data compression.

Anatolii Ivanovich Pyatakov, [e-mail:]A. Pyatakov,

Elena Alexanderovna Shabynina, [e-mail:]E. Shabynina

About an Approach to Reliability Calculation of Software and Hardware System 17_5.pdf

The present article is devoted to the development of reliability evaluation methods for software and hardware systems. It analyses factors influencing the reliability of software and hardware systems of information systems. The authors come to the conclusion that it is not fruitful to consider separately reliability of software and reliability of hardware. The reliability evaluation of software and hardware systems is based on a model contributing to the presentation of software and hardware system reliability as a result of interrelated elements (software and hardware).

Hardware reliability, software reliability, failure-resistance, repairability, availability.

Mikhail Victorovich Buynevich, [e-mail:] M. Buynevich,

, [e-mail:] A. Emelyanov

Operation Model for System of Protection Against Unauthorized Access to Critical Information Resources During C2 System Design 17_14.pdf

The article deals with an algorithm developed to ensure the operation of a system of information protection against unauthorized access, which implements a given function list taking into account introduced assumptions. The mathematical model of the protection system is designed on basis of the algorithm taking into account optimization of time and cost of implementation of some requests.

Information security system, information security during c2 system design, mathematical model of system protection, algorithm of information security system operation, critical information resources, computer-aided combat management system.

Aleksandr Alekseevich Emelianov, [e-mail:] A. Emelyanov

Evaluation Procedures for Variants of Integrated Information Security System During Ships' C2 System Design 17_15.pdf

The article synthesizes a procedure for technical and economic evaluation of variants of integrated information security system during design of C2 systems. It also deals with a quantitative evaluation procedure developed for software and hardware security of C2 system development in computer-aided environment in case of unauthorized access.

Integrated information security system, technical and economic assessment (evaluation) of information security, quantitative assessment (evaluation) of information security, information protection against unauthorized access, critical information resources, computer-aided design system, information security facilities.


Alexander Alekseevich Stetsko, [e-mail:]A. Stetsko

Structural and Functional Description of System of Cad and Modeling of Computer Network At Transportation Level 17_1.pdf

The article presents a formalized description of computer network topology, deals with models of network traffic at transportation level and routing models on basis of fussy metrics. It also suggests a genetic algorithm for optimization of selection of communications equipment and topology.

Cad, computer network, channel, node, routing, fuzzy random variable, genetic optimization .

Anatoly Alexanderovich Kupriyanov, [e-mail:]A. Kupriyanov,

Anatoly Stepanovich Melnichenko, [e-mail:] A. Melnichenko,

Aleksander Iurievich Krainov, [e-mail:] A. Krainov

An Approach to Creation of Virtual Organization Involved in Design and Manufacture of Software Products for Integrated C2 Systems 17_6.pdf

The article deals with features of virtual organizations (enterprises) involved in design and manufacture of software for integrated C2 system as open developing network of heterogeneous agents. Intelligent tools and service-oriented technologies are selected and applied as infrastructure components of virtual organization.

Architecture, virtual organization, infrastructure, service.

Andrey Valentinovich Tsarevsky, [e-mail:]A. Tsarevskiy

Computer-aided Synthesis of Design Solutions for Hardware and Software Systems of Data Processing for Shipborne C2 Systems (part 1) 17_12.pdf

The article presents a software implementation of methods developed at FRPC OJSC 'RPA 'Mars' for computer-aided synthesis of design solutions of hardware and software systems of data processing for shipborne C2 systems. The functional purpose of the hardware and software systems of data processing is an aggregate processing of data from shipborne systems and automatic generation of a range of control actions to shipborne systems in real-time mode and at a given reliability. It also gives distinctive features of design solutions synthesized using developed methods and the approach applied actually.

Automazation system, synthesis of design solutions, mathematical models.

Andrey Valentinovich Tsarevsky, [e-mail:]A. Tsarevskiy

Computer-aided Synthesis of Design Solutions for Hardware and Software Systems of Data Processing for Shipborne C2 Systems (part 2) 17_13.pdf

The article deals with an example of synthesis of design solutions for hardware and software system of data processing for shipborne C2 systems and use of dependencies of cost of interface facilities on performance and reliability of processing of data from shipborne systems within them.

Computer-aided design, data processing systems, shipborne c2 systems.


Viacheslav Valentinovich Rafalskiy, [e-mail:]V. Rafalskiy,

Ludmila Georgievna Rafalskaya, [e-mail:]L. Rafalskaya,

Aleksandra Viktorovna Starostina, [e-mail:]A. Starostina

Information Model of Decomposition Scheme 17_4.pdf

The article deals with issues of creation of information model for a structure and make-up of complex products (scheme of decomposition into components). The information model for decomposition scheme contributes to reduced time period for development of complex systems and higher efficiency of decision- making concerning design.

Development of complex system, information model, decomposition scheme.

Architecture of ship's system

Yuriy Vasilievich Danilov, [e-mail:] Y. Danilov,

Vyacheslav Igorevich Levchin, [e-mail:] V. Levchin,

Aleksey Vasilyevich Ulanov, [e-mail:] A. Ulanov,

Aleksey Sergeevich Fedorov, [e-mail:] A. Fedorov

Approach to Daylight Definition 17_16.pdf

The article deals with issues of definition of the sun height relative to observer horizon in an arbitrary point of the Earth surface for a given time period. The task solution contributes to the definition of daylight and twilight condition execution and can be used during the modeling of operation of optoelectronic facilities and sensors.

Day time, sun declination, equation of time.

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