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Author: "Tatiana Evgenevna Petrova"

Vladimir Kuzmich Manzhosov, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Doctor of Engineering, Professor; graduated from the Machine Building Faculty of Frunze Polytechnic Institute; Head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at Ulyanovsk State Technical University; an author of articles, monograph, and inventions in the field of dynamics of machines, modeling of shock processes. [e-mail:]V. Manzhosov,

Tatiana Evgenevna Petrova, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Post-Graduate Student; graduated from the Building Faculty of Ulyanovsk State Technical University; an author of articles in the field of mechanism motion process modeling [e-mail:]T. Petrova

Modeling Crank-and-rocker Mechanism Motion With Frictional Constraints 000_11.pdf

The model of flat crank-and-rocker mechanism motion is considered in the article. The crank existence condition defined in Grashof’s theorem is analyzed. With frictional constraints, this condition requires additional terms that define the minimum permissible value of the angle of motion transformation from the connecting rod to the rocker. The software of modeling the crank-and-rocker mechanism motion, graphical and numerical reproduction of motion parameters in the modeling process was developed. The control of the length between rocker and crank supports allows to reach the bounds of crank-and-rocker mechanism existence zone to change the mechanism structure and to realize the alternative technological mechanisms. The graded structure mechanisms on the basis of the discussed algorithm were applied during the development of adaptive vibroimpact mechanism of the interplanetary station ‘Luna-24’. The researches of such mechanisms are perspective in terms of further development of corresponding programs.

Motion transmission, crank-and-rocker mechanism, grashof’s theorem, crank existence condition, contact angle, angle of motion transmission, frictional constraints, mechanism motion modeling.

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Sections: Mathematical modeling

Subjects: Mathematical modeling.

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