ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 2 (60) 2020

Author: "Gennadii Petrovich Vinogradov"

Gennadii Petrovich Vinogradov, Tver State Technical University, Doctor of Engineering, Professor at the Department of Information Technologies and Applied Mathematics of Tver State Technical University; an author of more than 200 articles in the field of theory, methods, and algorithms of decision-making in automated control systems on the basis of subjective representations [e-mail:]G. Vinogradov

Assembling the Model of the Agent With Subjective Rational Behavior Selection in High-tech Industry 000_14.pdf

The problem of influence of human factor on high-tech industry effectiveness is considered in the article. The problem heart lies in human ability to choose the behavior model that meets his interests and answers his goals. Thus, the development of assemble procedures of behavior model of active, creative, and self-organized agents is quite urgent. The center needs this model to evaluate (maybe even crudely) control action activity before the fact of influencing because the center (as the agent itself) has its own internal rating of either itself or the interacting party. Thereby, the agent behavior model allows the center to control the process of the agent decision-making and to determine his behavior this way. In this case, the center control system should consist of at least two parts: motivational and informational (training or coaching) ones. Their goal is to determine the agent behavior by creating the notion model of the choice situation components. That can help the center to predict the agent decision-making process in the production system.

Coordination, decision-making, active systems, coordinated control, choice model.

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Sections: Mathematical modeling

Subjects: Mathematical modeling, Automated control systems, Artificial intelligence.

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