ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 3 (65) 2021

Author: "Stanislav Iurievich Rakov"

Aleksandr Sergeevich Andreev, Ulyanovsk State University, [e-mail:]A. Andreev,

Stanislav Iurievich Rakov, Ulyanovsk State University, graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Ulyanovsk State University; Junior Researcher of Scientific Research Center of Ulyanovsk State University; an author of articles in the field of the motion control of mechanical systems. [e-mail:]S. Rakov

On Control of Two-link Robotic Manipulator on the Base of Pi-controller 000_9.pdf

The article deals with the problem of of two-link robotic manipulator program motions stabilization on a movable base by creating a PI-controller. The manipulator consists of two homogeneous links connected by a joint. A moving load is placed in the second link gripper. A movable base makes a translational motion in the horizontal plane. The links of the manipulator are also moving in the horizontal plane. Thus, the manipulator performs planar motion. The manipulator motions are described by the system of Lagrange equations of the second kind. The paper presents a control law carrying out stabilization of the given program motion as a proportional-integral dependence on condition that the base of the manipulator performs predetermined unsteady motion. The problem of program motion stabilization has been solved for the linearized model. For the numerical simulation a new program that allows providing PI-control for the various mechanical systems was used. A numerical solution of the resulting system of integral-differential equations is found. A numerical solution of the received system of integral-differential equations with abnormal indices is found. The corresponding graphs for the coordinates of the manipulator links proving the theoretical results are built.

Two-link manipulator, stabilization, program motion, pi-control, movable base.

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Sections: Mathematical modeling

Subjects: Mathematical modeling, Artificial intelligence.

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