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ACP № 3 (65) 2021

Author: "Ekaterina Anatolievna Gladkikh"

Victor Rostislavovich Krasheninnikov, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Doctor of Engineering, Professor; graduated from Kazan State University; a head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences at Ulyanovsk State Technical University; an author of papers in the field of statistical methods of signal and image processing. [e-mail:]V. Krasheninnikov,

Ekaterina Anatolievna Gladkikh, Moscow Yandex Marketing Department, Candidate of Engineering, an antirobot system analyst at Moscow Yandex Marketing Department; graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Mathematics at Ulyanovsk State Technical University; an author of articles in the field of random process modeling [e-mail:]E. Gladkikh

Hypothesis Test for Covariance Function and Spectral Density of Random Process 35_3.pdf

Random processes (RP) are a mathematical model of a variety of phenomena occurring in time such as sea waves, wind, jams, noise, trajectory measurement errors, etc. Thereby, the problem of determining the covariance function (CF) or power spectral density (SD) of the analyzed process emerged. This can be a real process or simulated process used to test the algorithm processing for example the simulation of sea waves. There are a large number of publications on methods for estimating CF and PD in which a great number of efficient algorithms is proposed. However, it is not sufficient to investigate the question of identifying the characteristics of the process "as a whole". For example, does the monitoring CF process some alleged (hypothetical) species? This question can be answered by analyzing the difference between the measurements and their putative CF values. However, uncertainty remains within the allowable differences, which should be assessed in their entirety. In other words, you need to detect a criterion for significance test of a CF or SD process using the existing implementation. In this paper such a criterion is proposed and investigated.

Random process, covariance function, spectral density, hypothesis tests, criterion, significance level, test power.

2014_ 1

Sections: Mathematical modeling

Subjects: Mathematical modeling, Architecture of ship's system.

Viktor Rostislavovich Krasheninnikov, [e-mail:]V. Krasheninnikov,

Ekaterina Anatolievna Gladkikh, [e-mail:] E. Gladkikh

Calculation forces and moments using the resulted sea-roughness model approximation of standard searoughness spectrum20_15.pdf

The article presents a vector autoregressive sea-roughness 3D-model.The vectors are formed as whitenoise discrete filters. The filter-parameter selection provides satisfacto-ry approximation of standard searoughness spectrum. Forces and moments taking effect on ship hull are calculated using the resulted sea-roughness model.

Random process simulating, sea roughness, autoregressive model, spectrum approximation, recommended spectrum, pierson-moskowitz spectrum, forces and moments.

2010_ 2

Sections: Shipborne c2 system: methodology for creation of systems, information technology, facilities and components

Subjects: Mathematical modeling, Architecture of ship's system.

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