ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 4 (58) 2019

Author: "Tatiana Evgenievna Akimova"

Tatiana Evgenievna Akimova, PJSC ‘Ulyanovsk Instrumental Manufacturing Design Bureau’, Head of IT Department of PJSC ‘Ulyanovsk Instrumental Manufacturing Design Bureau’; graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lomonosov Moscow State University; author of articles in the field of project and product processes automation and making the unified project and products space of an enterprise. [e-mail:]T. Akimova,

Vadim Viktorinovich Shishkin, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Candidate of Engineering, graduated from the Faculty of Radioengineering of Ulyanovsk Polytechnic Institute, Professor at the Department of Measuring calculating complexes of Ulyanovsk State Technical University, author of articles in the field of CAD, intellectual systems, real-time operating systems and embedded systems development. [e-mail:]V. Shishkin

Modeling of Integrated Information Environment of the Enter-prise of the Aircraft Instrument Engineering Industry 32_10.pdf

The article describes the information models of integrated information environment of the aircraft instrument engineering industry enterprise. An integrated information environment computer-aided design software package is created based on this model. Such software package enables to describe business processes, generated and used artefacts, data types and formats, applied tools. It also determines the best set of tools for building an effective integrated information environment of the enterprise and information support of Combat Management Systems (CMS) lifecycle.

Information support of product life cycle processes, normative-referenced data management, unified information space, integrated information environment of the enterprise.

2013_ 2

Sections: Computer-aided design system

Subjects: Computer-aided engineering, Automated control systems, Information systems.

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