ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 3 (61) 2020

Author: "Aleksander Iurievich Krainov"

Aleksandr Iurievich Krainov, Ulyanovsk State University, Post-graduate student at the Department of Telecommunications Technologies and Networks at Ulyanovsk State University; graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies at Ulyanovsk State University; interested in intelligent data analysis, text processing in the natural language, and software architecture. [e-mail:]A. Krainov,

Aleksei Arkadevich Smagin, Ulyanovsk State University, Doctor of Engineering, Head of the Department of Telecommunications Technologies and Networks at Ulyanovsk State University; graduated from the Faculty of Radio-Engineering of Ulyanovsk Polytechnic Institute; an author of more than 200 articles, inventions, and monographs in the field of different-purpose information system development. [e-mail:]A. Smagin

Computer-aided Log Acquisition and Processing Within Software Maintenance System on Basis of Complex Event Processing 34_14.pdf

The article presents an approach to software bug identification based on log stream analysis via complex event processing. The basis of the approach is the message sequences analysis indicating the software problems by means of the complex event processing methods. A layout system of collecting and classifying software protocols is designed on the basis of a software agent and a complex event processing system of JBoss Drools Fusion. The results prove that most errors can be classified via automatically generated rules. The developed tools provide a rebuilding of the reaction algorithms to the error emerging.

Jboss drools, software maintenance, log analysis, decision-making systems, expert systems, business rules management systems, message flow processing, complex event processing, jboss drools.

2013_ 4

Sections: Software and mathematical support of computers, computer systems and networks

Subjects: Information systems, Computer-aided engineering.

Anatoly Alexanderovich Kupriyanov, [e-mail:]A. Kupriyanov,

Anatoly Stepanovich Melnichenko, [e-mail:] A. Melnichenko,

Aleksander Iurievich Krainov, [e-mail:] A. Krainov

An Approach to Creation of Virtual Organization Involved in Design and Manufacture of Software Products for Integrated C2 Systems 17_6.pdf

The article deals with features of virtual organizations (enterprises) involved in design and manufacture of software for integrated C2 system as open developing network of heterogeneous agents. Intelligent tools and service-oriented technologies are selected and applied as infrastructure components of virtual organization.

Architecture, virtual organization, infrastructure, service.

2009_ 3

Sections: Modeling in cad systems

Subjects: Computer-aided engineering, Automated control systems.

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