ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 2 (60) 2020

Author: "Natalia Dmitrievna Starostina"

Innokentiy Vasilyevich Semushin, Ulyanovsk State University, Doctor of Science in Engineering, Professor of Information Technology Department at Ulyanovsk State University (UlSU); author of papers, monographs and textbooks; holds patents for inventions; is interested in filtering and control under uncertainty [e-mail: kentvsem @yandex. ru]I. Semushin,

Yulia Vladimirovna Tsyganova, Ulyanovsk State University, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor of Information Technology Department at UlSU; author and co-author of monograph, papers, and textbooks; is interested in parameter identification, adaptive filtering, and numerically efficient algorithms for stochastic systems [e-mail: tsyganovajv@]Y. Tsyganova,

Natalia Dmitrievna Starostina, Ulyanovsk State University, post-graduate student of Information Technology Department at UlSU; graduated from Mathematics and Information Technology Faculty of UlSU with the specialty in «Applied Mathematics»; is interested in computational methods of estimation and control [e-mail:]N. Starostina

Algorithms for Solving Inverse Riccati Equation for Discrete Control Tasks 28_1.pdf

Robust algorithms for linear-quadratic regulator (LQR) within the structure of receding horizon control are considered based on scalarized square-root implementations.

Lqg-control, scalarized square-root algorithms, receding horizon control, orthogonalization.

2012_ 2

Sections: Mathematical modeling, calculi of approximations and software systems

Subjects: Mathematical modeling.

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