ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 3 (61) 2020

Author: "Roman Alexanderovich Shtykov"

Roman Alexanderovich Shtykov, Murom Institute (Branch) of Vladimir State University, Candidate of Engineering, Associate Professor of the Chair Physics and Applied Mathematics at Murom Institute (Branch) of Vladimir State University; specialist in information systems; author of articles, monographs, inventions in the field of computer-aided systems for control of engineering services. [e-mail:]R. Shtykov

A Mathematical Model of Thermal and Hydraulic Design of Engineering Networks 24_5.pdf

The article considers a new concept of hydraulic design for large-scale engineering services on basis of integrated hydraulicand thermal-design methods. It also shows a necessity of correction factor for calculation of network parameters and reveals a method to find outline matrix on basis of matrix of coupling.

Hydraulic network, stationary flux-distribution, hydraulic design, kruskal's algorithm, matrix of coupling, outline matrix.

2011_ 2

Sections: Software and mathematical support of computers, computer systems and networks

Subjects: Mathematical modeling, Computer-aided engineering.

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