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ACP № 4 (62) 2020

Author: "Alexander Alexanderovich Koptilkin"

Alexey Valeryevich Mattis, FRPC OJSC RPA Mars, Candidate of Engineering, graduated from the Faculty of Machine-Building at Ulyanovsk State Technical University in the profession Technology, Equipment and Automation of Machine-Building Productions; deputy chief designer at FRPC OJSC RPA Mars; author of publications in the field of modeling and development of C2 systems. [e-mail:]A. Mattis,

Alexander Alexanderovich Koptilkin, FRPC OJSC RPA Mars, Graduated from the Faculty of Special Machine-Building at Bauman Moscow State Technical University; design engineer at FRPC OJSC RPA Mars; interested in aerodynamics, mechanics of rigid body. [e-mail:]A. Koptilkin

Research of Hydrodynamic Features of Maritime Mobile Crafts Using Cad 24_7.pdf

The article deals with a task of definition of hydrodynamic features of maritime mobile crafts using CAD and gives a brief review of basic known suites for hydrodynamic analysis: FlowVision, SolidWorks+COSMOSFloWorks, ANSYS. It also cites results of the calculation of hydrodynamic factors for a vessel model using COSMOSFloWorks. The calculation results are compared with those of a full-scale experiment.

Cad, hydrodynamics, hydrodynamic factors, maritime mobile object, flowvision, solidworks+cosmosfloworks, ansys.

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Sections: Integrated command and control systems. ships complexes and systems

Subjects: Computer-aided engineering, Mathematical modeling.

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