ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 1 (59) 2020

Author: "Alexey Alexanderovich Philippov"

Aleksei Mikhailovich Namestnikov, [e-mail:]A. Namestnikov,

Alexey Alexanderovich Philippov, [e-mail:] A. Philippov

Conceptual Indexation of Design Documents 20_5.pdf

The article presents a formal description of conceptual-indexation process for design documentation, which is accompanied by illustrations. It also shows a scheme of con-ceptual indexation using domain ontology. A conceptual-index model is based on fuzzy graph. The article also describes particularities of software implementation of conceptual-indexation subsystem within intellectual design repository.

Intellectual system, indexation, repository, fussy graph, design document.

2010_ 2

Sections: Theoretical issues of automation of command and control processes

Subjects: Artificial intelligence.

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