ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 2 (60) 2020

Author: "Boris Nimaevich Ivanov"

Boris Nimaevich Ivanov, [e-mail:]B. Ivanov,

Andrey Vyacheslavovich Kazakovthev, [e-mail:]A. Kazakovtcev

State Equation for Serial Production 19_12.pdf

The article deals with equations which define a state of serial production. The authors propose using markovian processes with generation of a set of probabilistic models for serial production in order to define basic technical and commercial factors of production processes depending on increase rate of labour capacity.

Technological planning, scientific and technical potential, labour capacity, labor expenditures, prime cost, aggregate assembly.

2010_ 1

Sections: Production technology. equipment and facilities

Subjects: Computer-aided engineering.

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