ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 1 (59) 2020

Author: "Pavel Vladimirovich Bylina"

Andrey Anatolyevich Malykhanov, [e-mail:]A. Malykhanov,

Vitaliy Evgenevich Chernenko, [e-mail:] М. Chernenko,

Pavel Vladimirovich Bylina, [e-mail:] P. Bylina

Evaluation of Patrol Trajectory Performance for Water-areas on Basis of Simulation Model 20_4.pdf

Simulation modeling is one of efficient ways to solve a task of optimal-trajectory selection for water-area patrol. The article describes a simulation model created to solve this task. It cites conditions and results of statistical simulated experiment made using the model. Using the experiment data the article has defined the best patrol result.

Simulation modeling, water-area screen, agent modeling, patrol-efficiency evaluation.

2010_ 2

Sections: Modeling for design and control tasks

Subjects: Automated control systems, Mathematical modeling, Architecture of ship's system.

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