ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 1 (59) 2020

Author: "Olga Vasilievna Sheykina"

Andrey Sergeevich Korsunsky, [e-mail:]A. Korsunsky,

Olga Vasilievna Sheykina, [e-mail:] O. Sheykina

Authentication of Correspondents in Umts-netwoks When Using Gold and Kasami Pseudorandom Sequences. 20_6.pdf

The article investigates a way of authentication of correspondent calls in networks of mobile radio 3Gcommunications (UMTS). It also deals with an approach to correspon-dent-authentication procedure using Gold and Kasami sequences.

Authentication, information security, pseudorandom sequences, noise immunity, protection against false-data entry.

2010_ 2

Sections: Theoretical issues of automation of command and control processes

Subjects: Mathematical modeling.

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