ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 3 (61) 2020

Author: "Andrey Gennadievich Igonin"

Nadezhda Glebovna Yarushkina, [e-mail:]N. Yaroushkina,

Irina Grigorievna Perfilyeva, [e-mail:] I. Perfilyeva,

Andrey Gennadievich Igonin, [e-mail:] A. Igonin,

Anton Alexeevich Romanov, [e-mail:] A. Romanov,

Tagir Ragatovich Younusov, [e-mail:] T. Yunusov,

Valeriia Vadimovna Shishkina, [e-mail:] V. Shishkina

Development of Internet-service Integrating Fuzzy Modeling and Analysis of Fuzzy Tendencies of Time Series 20_10.pdf

The article presents an implementation of a new service-oriented architecture of a new fuzzy-modeling method. The novelty of the got software in the form of Internet-service consists in the implementation of a new integral method of fuzzy modeling and analysis of fuzzy tendencies of time series in order to increase management-decision efficiency as well as in the accounting of new management requirements for reduction of costs concerning maintenance, operation and update/upgrade of software and hardware. The integral-method analysis results in the fact that the error of short-term forecast precision does not exceed 20%, the errors of short-term forecast of fuzzy-tendency types are equal to 0.

Intellectual system, decision-making, internet-service, fuzzy modeling, forecast of time series.

2010_ 2

Sections: Theoretical issues of automation of command and control processes

Subjects: Artificial intelligence.

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