ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 4 (62) 2020

Author: "Dmitrii Vladimirovich Kropotin"

Dmitrii Vladimirovich Kropotin, [e-mail:]D. Kropotin

Reflexive Model of Expert Support Subsystem Within Naval C2 System 15_4.pdf

The article gives some material on analysis of existing problem-solving procedures concerning control optimization. It describes an approach to creation of reflexive model of control processes for complex systems, which is implemented in intelligent artificial system of expert support system The author cites an instance of hybrid, many-model system designed for solution of specific tasks. The article shows general architecture of reflexive model of expert support subsystem within Naval C2 System, describes general technology for implementation of reflexive model of expert support subsystem. The article is intended for specialists engaged in creation of application intelligent systems of military purpose as well as specialists engaged in automation of fleet command and control processes.

2009_ 1

Sections: Integrated c2 system: methodology for creation of systems, information technology, facilities and components

Subjects: Automated control systems.

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