ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 4 (62) 2020

Author: "Nikolay Alexeevich Popov"

Nikolay Alexeevich Popov[e-mail:]N. Popov,

Anatolii Ivanovich Pyatakov, [e-mail:] A. Pyatakov

Calculation of Geographical Distribution of Signal Levels on Multihop Radio Paths From Hf-transmitter of Medium Power With Rhomb Antenna 15_11.pdf

The article deals with geographical distribution and configuration of coverage area on single-, two- and more hop ionospheric radio paths from transmitter with given energy parameters and features of transmitting antenna diagram. The results of calculation of electromagnetic field levels from transmitter to Rhomb antenna within the European part of Russia are cited as examples.

2009_ 1

Sections: Theoretical issues of automation of command and control processes

Subjects: Mathematical modeling, Automated control systems, Architecture of ship's system.

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