ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 4 (62) 2020

Author: "Ildar Robertovich Tueshev"

Ildar Robertovich Tueshev, [e-mail:] I. Tuyeshev

Parametric Testing of Electronic Modules and Boards With Elements Using Adapter Method. Manufacture of Adapters. 18_15.pdf

The research article deals with a method for check of modules and boards with elements at specialpurpose equipment using adapter. It also cites required equipment, materials and jigs for manufacture of adapters.

Parametric testing of modules, adapter, design, adapter method.

2009_ 4

Sections: Production technology. equipment and facilities

Subjects: Electrical engineering and electronics.

Ildar Robertovich Tueshev, [e-mail:] I. Tueshev

Experience of Implementation of New Computer-aided Smt Line in Actual Manufacturing Environment 15_15.pdf

The article reveals some features of implementation of new equipment within computer-aided SMT (Surface Mount Technology) production line in actual manufacturing environment. The sample solutions of installation and startup problems are cited.

2009_ 1

Sections: Theoretical issues of automation of command and control processes

Subjects: Electrical engineering and electronics, Automated control systems.

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