ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 4 (58) 2019

Author: "Alexander Alekseevich Stetsko"

Alexander Alekseevich Stetsko[e-mail:] A. Stetsko

Structural and Operational Description of System of Cad and Modeling of Computer Network At Application Level 18_11.pdf

The article describes simulation models of thin and thick clients of computer network, simulation models of servers. It gives an account of results of server modeling in the GPSS system and cites operational models of client server stations on basis of Petri nets, formalized description of design processes on basis of DFD-diagrams. The article suggests an algorithm of Bayesian computer-network optimization at application level.

Cad system, petri net, computer network, bayesian trust net, simulation model.

2009_ 4

Sections: Modeling for tasks of design and control

Subjects: Computer-aided engineering, Mathematical modeling.

Alexander Alekseevich Stetsko, [e-mail:]A. Stetsko

Structural and Functional Description of System of Cad and Modeling of Computer Network At Transportation Level 17_1.pdf

The article presents a formalized description of computer network topology, deals with models of network traffic at transportation level and routing models on basis of fussy metrics. It also suggests a genetic algorithm for optimization of selection of communications equipment and topology.

Cad, computer network, channel, node, routing, fuzzy random variable, genetic optimization .

2009_ 3

Sections: Modeling in cad systems

Subjects: Computer-aided engineering, Automated control systems.

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