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ACP № 3 (65) 2021

Author: "Artem Iurevich Rozhkov"

Vladimir Kuzmich Manzhosov, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Doctor of Engineering, Professor; graduated from the Faculty of Machinebuilding of Frunze Polytechnic Institute; Professor of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and Building Constructions at Ulyanovsk State Technical University; an author of articles, monographs, and inventions in the field of dynamics of machines, shock processes modelling. [e-mail:]V. Manzhosov,

Artem Iurevich Rozhkov, Ulyanovsk State Technical University, Postgraduate Student, graduated from the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies of Ulyanovsk State Technical University; an author of articles in the field of shock processes modelling. [e-mail:]A. Rozhkov

Modelling of Longitudinal Shock of the Rigid Solid Body to the Rod Interacting With the Rigid Barrier 000_4.pdf

Shock of a solid body to a rod with a tough barrier on the basis of a wave model of longitudinal shock is considered in numerous papers of domestic and foreign researchers. Various methods of the solution of the wave equation for determination of striking power and the rod stress and strain state are used. However, creation of analytical decisions represents the awkward procedure and, as a rule, it is limited to several cycles of distribution of the created deformation wave from shock section to a tough barrier and back. The procedure is complicated by the fact that the shock system is a mechanical one with unilateral constraints and, in order to analyze the dynamic process, determination of the moment of a contact gap and transition in case of this gap to other mathematical description of the system movement is required. The article considers the wave model of longitudinal shock of a solid body to a rod. The rod is represented by a set of integrated elements of small lengths taking into account wave processes in each element, transformation of waves on borders of elements interface, and unilateral constraints in shock section. Modelling results providing a possibility of the analysis of shock process, formation and distribution of deformation waves in a shock system, creations of charts of the stress and strain state of a rod system at any time point in case of shock are provided.

Longitudinal shock, shock wave model, shock to barrier, modelling, deformation waves, deformation wave transmission.

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Sections: Mathematical modeling

Subjects: Mathematical modeling.

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