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ACP № 2 (60) 2020

Author: "Andrei Evgenevich Klochkov"

Aleksei Arkadevich Smagin, Ulyanovsk State University, Doctor of Engineering, Professor; graduated from the Faculty of Radioengineering of Ulyanovsk Polytechnic Institute; Head of the Department of Telecommunications Technologies and Networks at Ulyanovsk State University; an author of articles, inventions, and monographs in the field of different-purpose information system development. [e-mail:]A. Smagin,

Andrei Evgenevich Klochkov, Ulyanovsk State University, graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Ulyanovsk State University, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Information Security and Management Theory of Ulyanovsk State University; experienced in of work in the field of information security from leakages through technical communication channels. [e-mail:]A. Klochkov,

Aleksandr Iurevich Grigorev, Ulyanovsk State University, graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Ulyanovsk State University; Postgraduate Student at the Department of Telecommunication Technologies and Networks of Ulyanovsk State University; Software Engineer at Federal Research-and-Production Center Joint Stock Company ‘Research-and-Production Association 'Mars'; an author of articles in the field of statistical testing of random sequences. [e-mail:]A. Grigorev

Researching the Ability of Using Mobile Device Sensors for Generation of Random Sequencies 000_14.pdf

The article considers researches of ability of using digital position monitoring encoders for generation of bit random sequences used in cryptography. In order to create hardware generator, gyroscope and accelerometer sensors installed on three mobile devices are used. The source of randomness is the regular change of sensor data due to movement in space, minor fluctuations and vibrations of a device during operation. The article suggests the methods of position sensor data processing for creating bit sequences. The stages of testing and the criterion for confirmation of randomness are discussed. The NIST STS software package contains different statistical tests that are used for randomness testing of sequences. The article includes the results of the experiments of testing the sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) of three mobile devices.

Nist sts, accelerometer, gyroscope, random numbers generator, statistical tests, nist sts.

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Sections: Electronic and electrical engineering

Subjects: Electrical engineering and electronics, Mathematical modeling.

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