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ACP № 4 (62) 2020

Author: "Mariia Anatolevna Rakk"

Anton Olegovich Kravtsov, St. Petersburg State Transport University, graduated from the Faculty of Automation and Intelligent Technologies of Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University; Postgraduate Student at the Department of Electrical Communication of PGUPS; an author of articles in the field of information security of telecommunication networks; research interests are in the field of telecommunication control systems, security of the critical information infrastructure. []A. Kravtsov,

Andrei Andreevich Privalov, St. Petersburg State Transport University, Doctor if Military Sciences, Professor; graduated from the Stavropol High School of Communications; Professor at the Department of Electrical Communication of PGUPS; an author of more than 110 research articles and educational materials, eight inventions in the field of information security and mathematical modeling of systems and communication processes, telecommunication control systems. [e-mail:]A. Privalov,

Mariia Anatolevna Rakk, St. Petersburg State Transport University, Candidate of Science in Engineering; graduated from the Electroengineering Faculty of Leningrad Railway Transport Institute; Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Communication of PGUPS; an author of articles in the field of queueing systems, communication system simulation. [e–mail:]M. Rakk

The Model of Data-Burst Transmitting Process in the Network MPLS-TP in Terms of Computer Attacks at Rare Influx of Data 56_5.pdf

The strategy of scientific and technical development of the ‘Russian Railways’ holding for the period up to 2020 and the prospect till 2025 ‘White book’ envisages the organization of a batch Multiservice Transport Network of railway telecommunication on the basis of Multi-Protocol switching technology on the labels for the transport network-Multiprotocol Label Switching-Transport Profile (MPLS-TP). The authors have developed a mathematical model of the process of transferring data packets in the network MPLS-TP in the conditions of computer attacks at rare influx of data. The probability of the successful cyberattacks on a network element implemented by penetrator as well as a mean time for that are characteristics of cyberattacks. Formulas for calculating mean time, the probability density function as well as the function of transfer time distribution in the n conditions of computer attacks on Multiservice Transport Network MPLS-TP Technology at rare influx of data and at the various values of the probability of penetrator’s accessibility to each network element on the routing of transmitting and recovering of each network-element performance after cyberattacks.

Transport communication network, MPLS-TP technology, Method of topological transformation of stochastic networks, calculation of average time of the package delivery, routing, computer attacks, critical information infrastructure, protection of critical information structure.

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Subjects: Information systems.

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