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ACP № 4 (62) 2020

Author: "Andrei Vladimirovich Kalashnikov"

Tatiana Ivanovna Davydova, Federal Research-and-Production Center Joint Stock Company ‘Research-and-Production Association ‘Mars’, Candidate of Science in Engineering; graduated from the Radioengineering Faculty of Ulyanovsk State Technical University; Leading Engineer at FRPC JSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’; an author of articles and a monograph in the field of reliability calculations and operating of radio engineering facilities. [e-mail:]T. Davydova,

Andrei Vladimirovich Kalashnikov, Federal Research-and-Production Center Joint Stock Company ‘Research-and-Production Association ‘Mars’, graduated from the Faculty of Design and Technology of Electronic Devices of UlSTU; a research engineer at FRPC JSC ‘RPA ‘Mars’; specializes in the field of development of printed circuit boards with electronic components for secondary power supply systems. [e-mail:]A. Kalashnikov

A Coefficient Method for Calculating the Reliability of Functional Part of Power Supply Pcb 56_14.pdf

The reliability of electronic equipment has been the focus of the attention for many decades. The actuality of that grows along with the miniaturization of electronic components and the density of attachment in electronic equipment. The process of reliability calculation becomes more complex and takes more time in view of the growth of type and amount of applied electronic components. Nonfailure operating probability, failure intensity, and mean time to failure are basic qualitative characteristics of the reliability. The dangerous failures of electronic components can have critical and catastrophic consequences in the functionality of electronic equipment. The article deals with the procedure of the reliability calculation using various coefficients. Different mathematical models can be used for the same task of the reliability calculation. In order to solve the tasks, various methods can be used. All these facts may cause different results.Authors represent an approach to the coefficient method allowing to carry out the reliability calculation with higher precision and fidelity. The coefficient method is usable for comparing different ways for reliability calculation.

Reliability, coefficient method, time to failures.

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Sections: Electrical engineering and electronics

Subjects: Electrical engineering and electronics.

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