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ACP № 3 (65) 2021

Author: "Damir Maratovich Valeev"

Damir Maratovich Valeev, graduated from Ulyanovsk State University; Postgraduate Student at the Department of Telecommunication Technologies and Networks of Ulyanovsk State University; an author of articles in the field of cryptography and steganography. e-mail: damirivaleev@gmail.comD.M. Valeev

Aleksei Arkadevich Smagin, Doctor of Sciences in Engineering, Professor; graduated from the Radioengineering Faculty of Ulyanovsk Polytechnic Institute; Head of the Department of Telecommunication Technologies and Networks of Ulyanovsk State University; an author of articles, inventions, and manuals in the field of the development of information systems of different purposes. e-mail: smaginaa1@mail.ruA.A. Smagin

Determination of payload capacity of container obtained by steganographic technique, not causing distortion59_4.pdf

This article discusses the parameters and characteristics of a steganographic algorithm that does not distort the container, such as the versatility of application to different types of information, ease of implementation, as well as the security and payload capacity. The purpose of this work is to determine the dependence of payload in hidden communication channel on the size of the embedded data and container. To achieve this goal, the tasks were set to determine payload at different sizes of the container and the data, as well as whether it was possible to embed secret data completely. To solve these problems, two experiments were conducted with different ratios of the size of the embedded secret and the container. The ratio of sizes of data and container for efficient embedding was determined. Described the set-theoretic representation of model of the stegosystem for algorithm, and shown the scheme of operation of this algorithm. Compared payload of container obtained using the proposed algorithm and the existing steganographic methods on the test images of Lenna and Baboon. The experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is more effective than most existing methods in terms of embedding capacity.

Steganography, embedding, key, payload, algorithm, secret, container.

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Sections: Information systems

Subjects: Information systems.

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