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ACP № 3 (65) 2021

Author: "Aleksei Aleksandrovich Zadorozhnii"

Aleksei Aleksandrovich Zadorozhnii, graduated from the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies of Ulyanovsk State Technical University with the specialty in Instrument Engineering, Postgraduate Student of the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies of UlSTU; Head of a thematic integrated team in Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau, JSC, an author of articles in the field of mathematical modeling and algorithms for air data systems. e-mail: alezador@gmail.comA.A. Zadorozhnii

Determining the reliability of the indicated speed parameter based on the dynamic object characteristics obtained during flight tests59_13.pdf

The article presents the results of calculation and modeling of the algorithm for determining the reliability of the instrument speed parameter based on the dynamic characteristics of the object. The problem statement is formulated as follows: it is necessary to conduct a flight experiment and subsequent processing of its results in order to determine the permissible range of speed changes with a known set of data on the engine mode, pitch values and measured angle α. Wherein is necessary to give problem decision by regular means of the on-board equipment of the facility, without the use of additional trajectory measurement systems, and satellite system data. The optimization and definitions of law was performed by using the computer-aided system MathLab. Analysis of the results of the introduction of this algorithm showed that the determination of reliability can be performed with limited statistics of the obtained dynamic characteristics of the object. When using data from standard aircraft systems (inertial, engine control system, aerodynamic angle sensor), as well as a large number of flights in the anticipated operating conditions, we can expect a decrease in confidence determination thresholds to ± 60 km/h.

Air data system, air data modeling, instrument speed, reliability.

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Sections: Electrical engineering and electronics

Subjects: Electrical engineering and electronics.

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