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ACP № 4 (62) 2020

Author: "Elena Ivanovna Stepnova"

Elena Ivanovna Stepnova, graduated from the Faculty of Information System and Technologies of Ulyanovsk State Technical University; Postgraduate Student of the Department of Measuring and Computing Systems of UlSTU; an engineer of Aeropribor-Voskhod, JSC; an author of articles in the field of instrumentation. e-mail: seistep1992@yandex.ruE.I. Stepnova

Sergei Konstantinovich Kiselev, Doctor of Sciences in Engineering; graduated from Ulyanovsk Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Aircraft and Instrument Engineering; Head of the Department of Measuring and Computing Systems of UlSTU; an author of monographs, articles, inventions in the field of instrumentation. e-mail: ksk@ ulstu.ruS.K. Kiselev

Adaptation of displayed flight and navigation data in the aircraft electronic display system61_2.pdf

The problem of flight safety continues to be of great importance in civil aviation, despite today aviation is the safest mode of transport. Particular attention is paid to the human factor, since it has a significant impact on safety. The article analyzes the impact of eye strain caused by displayed flight navigation data on a pilot during landing and discusses how to reduce it. It considers how the pilot interacts with aircraft equipment. The flight data, increasing eye strain, but having no affects on successful landing of the aircraft is specified. The article substantiates the necessity of adaptive display of flight data on the screen during landing. The proposed adaptive method for displaying flight navigation data is supposed to reduce the pilot’s eye strain, which contributes to improved quality of piloting and ensures flight safety.

Flight and navigation display, electronic display system, aircraft, display adaptation, pilot’s eye strain.

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Sections: Automated control systems

Subjects: Automated control systems, Mathematical modeling.

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