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ACP № 3 (65) 2021

Author: "Nurislam Muratovich Aikozhaev"

Nail Zakievich Sultanov, Doctor of Sciences in Engineering, Professor; graduated from the Aircraft Construction Faculty at Tashkent Polytechnic Institute; completed his postgraduate studies at Moscow Aviation Institute and doctoral studies at Orenburg Agrarian University in the operation of agricultural aviation; Professor at the Aircraft Department; Head of the Department of Production Automation Systems at Orenburg State University; an author of monographs, guides, tutorials, articles in the field of the intelligent technologies and automated systems of aviation and rocket-and-space technologies. e-mail: sultanov@mail.osu.ruN.Z. Sultanov,

Nurislam Muratovich Aikozhaev, a candidate for a master’s degree of Orenburg State University, Bachelor; graduated from the Aircraft Trial Faculty of the Voskhod Branch at the Moscow Aviation Institute; an engineer of the Yuzhny Space Center of FSUE TsENKI; an author of articles in the field of the mathematical modeling and information technology of automated control systems. e-mail: nurislam.aykozhaev@mail.ruN.M. Aikozhaev

Module for evaluation the quality of telemetry information62_8.pdf

The article deals with the development of a mathematical model of a system for automating the technological process of receiving and transmitting production information of an enterprise in the rocket and space industry for a software module for selecting the best source of telemetry information. The choice of optimization criteria is substantiated with the involvement of experts working at the enterprise. The degree of consistency of experts’ opinions is estimated by calculating the coefficients of concordance (Kendall), variation, Spearman’s rank correlation. The restrictions imposed on the optimality criteria, the list of tasks to be solved necessary for the optimization, the stages of solving the optimization problem are described. The problem under consideration is classified in detail to select the most appropriate automating algorithm. The algorithm of operation of the module for evaluating the quality of telemetry information is described in detail and the results of developed software module for choosing the best source of telemetry information are presented. In the considered mathematical apparatus, elements of such branches of mathematics as the set theory and linear algebra were used.

Telemetry information, acquisition and decommutation device, mathematical model, multicriteria optimization.

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Sections: Information systems

Subjects: Information systems.

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