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ACP № 3 (65) 2021

Author: "Aleksei Vladimirovich Kozov"

Aleksei Vladimirovich Kozov, graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University of the Computer-Aided Design Systems Department; an engineer of the Center of Education and Research “Robotics” in BMSTU; an author of publications in the field of computer-aided design of robotic control systems. e-mail: alexey.kozov@ gmail.comA.V. Kozov

Models and designing methods for the dynamically reconfigurable group control system for mobile robots63_14.pdf

High adaptability is an important requirement for the control system over a group of mobile robots operating in a nondeterministic changing environment. The group control system must ensure that the group task is completed when the structure of the group or the environment changes. Such adaptability can be achieved through dynamic reconfiguration of the control system. The article discusses the mathematical models of a dynamically reconfigurable system from the standpoint of computer-aided design. A review of mathematical models of variable structure system, reconfigurable control systems and their design methods is presented. The paper deals with set-theoretic, analytical, discrete-event models of variable structure systems and methodologies of designing reconfigurable systems. It is shown that the existing design methods do not fully provide the required adaptability of designed group control system. The paper compares the group control system and the reconfigurable multiprocessor computing system and shows how to increase adaptability and autonomy of designed control system using principles of reconfigurable computing systems designing.

Control systems, distributed systems, mathematical model, discrete-event system, dynamic reconfiguration, mobile robot, computer-aided design.

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Sections: Computer-aided engineering

Subjects: Computer-aided engineering.

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