ISSN 1991-2927

ACP № 1 (59) 2020

Author: "Egor Viktorovich Kaplya"

Egor Viktorovich Kaplya, Volzhski Branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, [e-mail:]E. Kaplya

Energy Efficient Terminal Control of the Direct Current Servomotor 39_4.pdf

An optimal (on consumed power) segment length of terminal control of servodrive with a DC motor with zero initial and finite speed is determines. The optimal segment length of terminal control is related to the angular load displacement and the joint inertia. A new calculation formula for the optimal period of terminal control. The dependence of power consumption on the terminal control segment length is investigated.It has a unique minimum at given initial and final conditions and given characteristics of the servodrive. The formula is obtained that allows to evaluate the minimum energy consumption in DC servomotor terminal control. The parameters of the formula are determined by the characteristics of the servodrive, initial and final conditions. The possibility of approximation of the control signal and the angular speed of the servodrive mechanical load in energy-efficient terminal control is demonstrated. The control signal corresponding to the DC servomotor energy-efficient terminal control can be approximated a linear function of the time. The formula is obtained, that allows to calculate the maximum angular speed at the load shaft in energy-efficient terminal control with the DC motor servodrive.A structure chart of the automated control system of the DC servomotor with the terminal control block is presented. Diagrams for the transient processes in energy-efficient terminal and line control of DC motor is plotted.

Terminal control, servodrive, servomotor, dc motor, energy consumption, minimum energy consumption, final conditions.

2015_ 1

Sections: Automated control systems

Subjects: Automated control systems, Electrical engineering and electronics, Architecture of ship's system.

Egor Viktorovich Kaplia, Volzhski branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor, graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science at Volgograd State Technical University; Associate Professor at the Department of Technological-Processes and Production Automation at Volzhski branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute; Senior Research Scientist at the Laboratory of Diagnostics and Prediction at Volzhski branch of Moscow Power Engineering Institute; an author of a set of scientific papers and monographs in the field of system modeling. [e-mail:]E. Kaplia

The Optimum Length of a Terminal Control Segment By Servo-driver Based on a Direct Current Motor 34_2.pdf

The formulas defining the optimum (on a minimum of voltage, current and duration of a rotor idle time) length of a terminal control segment by a servo-driver based on a DC motor are obtained under three final conditions.

Terminal control, servo driver, servo motor, dc motor, terminal conditions.

2013_ 4

Sections: System analysis, data management and processing

Subjects: Automated control systems, Mathematical modeling, Electrical engineering and electronics.

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